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Corina Ungureanu, Lavinia Milosovici, Claudia Presacan

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Romanian gymnasts performing NAKED

Three former Romanian Olympic gold medalists, Corina Ungureanu, Lavinia Milosovici and Claudia Presacan, with the skill and beauty that only comes with being at the top of the game, performed naked for the first time ever on competition-standard apparatus such as the balance beam in a DVD filmed in Chiba prefecture, near Tokyo.
Dressed in a series of different outfits ranging from training outfits and cosplay to lingerie, to just panties, they go through their medal-winning performances, tumbling, flipping, floor exercises, the balance beam and much more. Billed like an actual event there are cheers, commentators, and plenty of replays so ever move of the girls can be caught. Professional, sexy, erotic and extremely interesting.


Floor exercise 00:24 2.3Mb            00:19 1.9Mb                     00:17 1.7Mb                       Vault 00:40 4Mb                   00:07 804Kb

                  Balance beam routine 00:40 3.9Mb         00:49 4.8Mb                        00:11 1Mb                    Uneven bars 00:32 3.2Mb 

Corina Ungureanu, 29 August 1980, Ploesti (Romania), Goldmedalist on Floor (1998)



                      Floor exercise 00:31 2.8Mb              00:19 1.8Mb                          00:20 1.9Mb                        00:17 1.4Mb   

                               00:34 3.3Mb                      Vault 00:38 3.3Mb      Balance beam routine 00:29 2.7Mb        00:40 3.6Mb

                                                     00:36 3.1Mb                Uneven bars 00:24 2.3Mb             00:24 2.3Mb

Lavinia Milosovici, 21 October 1976, Lugoj (Romania), Medaled in 7 Worlds and 2 Olympics


GOLD BIRD 2002 - DVD Completo Splittato (MPG)


EURO ANGELS 2002 - DVD Completo Splittato (MPG)






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